1. Read Policy KF; Print pages 3-8, including fee schedule
    2. Check the availability of rooms by visiting the following calendar:
    3. Freeman- Kennedy and H. Olive Day School Building Use Calendar
    4. After reviewing the calendar, click in the upper right hand corner to log in or create an account 
    5. Secure insurance, as necessary.
    6. Retain and share with everyone in your party pages 6-8 of the policy regarding:
      Section 7.0 Scope of Use
      A. Prohibited Uses
      B. Special Considerations
      C. Use of School Supplies
      D. Adult Supervision
      Section 8.0 Insurance & Liability, and Related Policy
    7. Ensure registration includes parental permission/acknowledgment for non-NPS activity of NPS property
    8. Before leaving, return room to condition it was found.
    9. Check-out with on-site custodial staff.
    10. Pay invoice promptly, upon receipt.


  • User fees include both room and labor.

    In summary, Norfolk governmental bodies, NPS School Partners are not charged for either room or labor. Norfolk-based community organizations are charged only for labor after core hours when custodial staff are not normally scheduled or for use of the kitchen, which requires kitchen personnel. Non-norfolk organizations, private, and commercial organizations are charged for both room and labor. 


  • The fee schedule for use of the school facilities by eligible organizations shall be set yearly by the Norfolk School Committee. The fee schedule shall be set by the Committee only after a hearing and recorded vote as part of the annual approval of the NPS budget and fees. The fee schedule shall be included with an exhibit to the application form.

    Labor Custodial labor is only incurred during non-core hours (i.e., when custodial staff in not regularly scheduled).

    Core hours: M-F 7AM- 10 PM   Non-core Hours: M-F 10 PM-7AM and weekends, and summer & vacation when custodial staff is not scheduled.

    User Group Examples
    A: Norfolk Public School Activities, Affiliated Groups, Organizations School Committee, Music, Drama, Student Activities, Student Council, etc.
    B: Recognized NPS School Partners NCL, NEST, Norfolk Lions Club, Wellness/Nutrition Task Force, Norfolk Recreation, Norfolk SEPAC, Norfolk Teachers Association & Norfolk TPA
    C: Norfolk Town Departments, Boards, Committees, Commissions Includes Norfolk sponsored groups covered by Town Insurance (i.e., task forces, etc)
    D: Norfolk Non-profit Athletic, Civic, and Social Groups NCL, Lions, Scouting, that are not School Partners
    E: Outside Organizations – nonrevenue generating events Non-Norfolk groups and commercial organizations
    F: Individuals Individuals for personal reasons
    G: Media Unless recognized as School Partner


  •                  USER GROUP HOURLY FEE
      Norfolk Non Profit Athletic, Civil and Social Groups Outside Organizations, Individuals, Media (Non-Revenue generating events) Outside Organizations, Individuals, Media (Revenue generating events)  
    Facility Room Labor
    Room Labor
    Room Labor
    FK Auditorium/Cafeteria/Gym 20 0/45 50 45 100 45  
    HOD Auditorium/Cafeteria/Gym 20 0/45 50 45 100 45 Price is for all three sections
    Staff Dining Room 0 0/45 25 45 50 45  
    Kitchen 0 45/90 50 90 100 90 Requires cafeteria personnel present
    Classroom 0 0/45 25 45 50 45 Only with special approval from the superintendent
    Computer Lab 0 0/45 75 45 150 45  
    Library 0 0/45 50 45 100 45  
    Staff Work Room 0 0/45 75 45 50 45