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Grade 6

Systems of the Body:
Yucky Gross and Cool Body from The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
My Body from Kids Health has information written for kids
Human Body Online - Innerbody Click on any of the 10 pictured systems to learn more
Systems of the Body at Thinkquest Click on any sytem you want to learn about - pictures do not work, but links at bottom of page do
Franklin Institute online has circulatory, respiratory, and excretory systems with lots of links to specifics
The Virtual Body has narrated tours of the brain, skeleton, heart, and digestive tract
Explore the Human Body at National Geographic Interactive activities on the brain, heart, digestive system, lungs, skin
Body Quest has pages on various parts of the body as well as games to play to quiz yourself
Systems of the Body WebQuest also has quite a few links in the resources section
The Human Body's Digestive System Theme Page is a whole page of links to the digestive system
How Your Lungs Work has information from How Stuff Workds
The Lungs includes information on ththe lungs, what they do, and the lymph nodes
Human Anatomy page from Emuseumat Minnesota State University currently has a link to the digestive and skeletal systems


Resources for Disease Research
MEDLINEplus from Health Information
InteliHealth Health A to Z has an alphabetical listing of medical conditions
Fact Monster has information on lots of things. Type your topic in the Search box.
My Body from Kids Health has information. Be sure to check the left side bar in both the Kids and Teens sections

Digestive Diseases A-Z list of links

If all else fails, try Yahoo's Health Directory     
Protists and other microorganisms:

Recently added websites:
eNature from the National Wildlife Federation - type ponds in the wildlife search box
Pond Explorer - Check out Exploring Pond Habitats and the Virtual Pond Dip
The Ponds and Lakes section of the Missouri Botanical Garden website has lots of animals
Life in a Pond shows a "clickable" cross section of a pond. Click on Life in a Pond on the left of the page.
OSU LIma has links to the different kingdoms
Enchanted Learning's pages on Pond Life - Be sure to scroll down the page!

Pond Life Identification Kit has groups, key features, and links to more information including a virtual pond dip
What is A Microbe has links to bacteriafungiprotists, and archaea
A picture gallery of protists at    
Microbe Zoo at Water World shows the different habitats within the pond
A Drop of Life has pictures that can be clicked on to enlarge and get more information
Lakes and Ponds has some information on algae
Identification Key for Pond Animals has drawings of pond animals


From the Online Biology Book you can find great illustarations and definitions of all the parts of a cell
CELLS ALIVE! has diagrams and vocabulary for plant cells, animal cells, and bacterial cells
Find diagrams and vocabulary for animal cells and plant cells at Molecular Expressions   

Check out your favorite animal on the Animal Diversity Web      
This page from the Tree of Life Project  is a little confusing to use, but has loads of information. 
ESPECIES FACT SHEETS  features over 50 animals protected under the Endangered Species Act.
Other Science Links:

Information on Land Forms and Plate Tectonics from PBS
Volcano information from
Volcano World     
The Foss website has activities to go with all its science modules
Franklin Institute Science Museum .....Science, Science, Science.
Museum of Science......Lots of Science Excitement!
Frog online without the formaldehyde.
    Net Frog    
Weatherbug is great resource to enhance your curriculums.
NEW Simple Machines in Automobiles   Thanks for the suggestion, Alissa!

Grade 5 Links:

Astronomy Links:

Earth and Space Links-
What is an asteroid?
Views of the Earth...
        Earth and Moon Viewer- An exciting site where you can view the Earth from any angle, see where the light and dark areas are at any particular time, and much more!
        From NASA spacecraft
Astronomy Dictionaries -

Some information about our Earth
The answer to the question, "How does the Earth spin?"
Ask a scientist:
Why are there seasons?
        Seasons and Solstices
        Rotation II: Equinoxes
        Rotation III: Solstices
        The Seasons
Zoom Astronomy has lots of information on space as well as pages specifically on the moon
Here are some YouTube videos to watch:
solar eclipse     
3d moonphases - with music     
McAuliffe Challenger Center, Framingham......This site is a gateway to Space web sites!
Space Shuttle Homepage ....up to date shuttle.
NASA K-12 Internet Initiative....NASA is an 'outerspace' experience.
Discover the Universe...and have fun while you're at it 5th grade!
Hubble Space Telescope - A beautiful collection of images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.
Endangered Animal Links:

Enchanted Learning has information as well as diagrams of most animals.
Looking for pictures?
Endangered Species
The Wild Ones  (endangered species)
Kid Info has an entire page of links
World Wildlife Federation. - check out the list on the left of the page
Endangered Animals links from Scholastic
The Electronic Zoo  - thousand of links to pages with animal images and sounds
Jungle Walk has pictures, video and audio clips as well as links to information


Other Animal Links:

Learn about Animal Adaptations      
Try a food chain puzzle to learn more about producers, consumers, and decomposers
The Young People's Trust for the Environment (lots of animals listed here)
The National Zoo (use the index on the left)
The Oakland Zoo      
Animal Corner     
Yahooligans - tons of links on this page
Miscellaneous Science Links:
The Foss website has activities to go with all its science modules
What is the design process? demonstrates each part of the engineering design process, which is fundamental to any successful project.
Edheads Simple Machines Activities - Learn about simple and compund machines as you explore the house and the tool shed
Websites on States of Matter
a song to sing with a link to a self quiz at the bottom of the page
an interactive activity on changing states of matter
Quia games on describing matter
Play an eWord game with energy words
Check your knowledge of energy vocabulary with this battleship game
Tom Lehrer put the names of the elements to a Gilbert & Sullivan tune -  hear him sing while watching pictures
Weatherbug is great resource to enhance your curriculums.

Grade 4

Fourth Grade Inventions Unit:

The Invention Dimension... features information about many American Inventors as well as a featured Inventor of the Week! Click on Archives to find your inventor.
Enchanted Learning Page on Inventors - Grouped alphabetically, by time line, and by category
Invent Now's Hall of Fame let you browse by inventor or invention
Inventions Page-Find out how and who invented a long list of inventions.
Inventors of Yesteryear-Alphabetical index of inventors and a biography on each.
Inventions and Discoveries from FactMonster lists inventions and has links to the inventor
Inventors Museum - Inventors are listed by categories like colonial, communication, and medical
American Inventors and Inventions from the Smithsonian
Thomas Edison-Great page about the famous inventor.
Ben Franklin- Read about Franklin the inventor.
History of Dr Pepper-This web page tells the story of the oldest major manufacturer of soft drink concentrates and syrups in the United States.
Electricity Links:

Electricity Book, Part 1: Looking at Simple Circuits
The Electricity Book, Part 2: What is Electricity?    
Activities and fact sheets on electricity and magnetism
Activities and fact sheets on conductors        
Experiment online with circuits and conductors     
Find information, activities, and a quiz at the blobz guide to electric circuits      you can even play against some friends!
Foss activities to go with the Magnetism and Electricity module
Background information on electricity with animated illustrations
A page of electricity links from a teacher in North Attleboro

Sites for Ocean Animals:

Sea Links Lots of links to ocean life.
Sea World/Busch Gardens Animal Resources Ocean animal information. Be sure to click on Animal Books and Animal Bytes.
Enchanted Learning also has information as well as diagrams of most animals.
The National Aquarium Ocean animal information from the National Aquarium in Baltimore.
FINS... a great source of pictures of fish and marine invertebrates. This is the index page.
Rocks and Minerals:

The Mineral Gallery lets you look up any mineral by name and shows a picture along with information about it
Rockhounds - a great resource for kids
Fast Facts about Rocks and Minerals - click on the question on the left to see the answer
Interactive website to test rocks to see if they are permeable, if they split, if they float, or if they wear well

The Rock Cycle - great diagram with information
The Rock Cycle Song - this will help you remember the types of rocks

Rocks, Gem, and Minerals - Nice site from on the rock or mineral you want to learn about!
             and then click on the links button on his page to go to a page of links to Other Earth Science Related Web Sites
The has two pages well worth visiting: The Gemstone Homepage and Minerals By Name      

These Sedimentary Snacks rock!
Think you know rocks? Try this Name That Rock quiz
Here's a Rock Cycle Activity to do with an adult
From Sea to Prairie - Be sure to click "next page" when you get to the bottom
Rocks and Minerals Slide Show - This slide show has samples of all types of rocks and minerals with labels.  Click on the thumbnail picture for a larger version.
Info on Caves ...from the Kentucky Caverns.

Dan's Wild Weather Page is an interactive weather page for kids. Contains information on virtually every type of weather.
Web Weather for Kids Investigate weather from behind the scenes by looking at the different processes and ingredients that are part of the weather equation. There are clear explanations, pictures and video segments throughout the site. Don't miss the activities section since the description of each activity is accompanied by detailed explanations of how and why the activity works and what it has to do with weather.
Weather Wiz Kids is designed especially for kids to learn more about the fascinating world of weather. It ’s also an educational website for teachers and parents that gives them the right tools they need to explain the different types of weather to children.
A Web Hunt on tornadoes
A Web Hunt on hurricanes
Interactive Weather Maker - Have you ever wanted to be able to control the weather? Now's your chance with the Interactive Weather Maker from's Winter Storms page. Turn a gray, rainy day into a hot, sunny day or make a blizzard! See how manipulating temperatures and humidity creates different weather conditions and try to create the kind of weather your hometown is experiencing right now!
Weatherbug is great resource to enhance your curriculums.
Cloud Types is a great tutorial on clouds which allows children to listen to definition of various types. It is produced by NASA's SCOOL project (Students' Cloud Observations on-line).
Edheads-Weather ActivitiesThis website has an interactive weather map where the children can place weather map symbols in a game format and also has them predict the weather of different states by the weather symbols on the map.  Great site!
Miscellaneous Science Links:
The Foss website has activities to go with all its science modules
Go on a Virtual Trip to a Salt Marsh by clicking here      
Learn about Animal Adaptations      
A-Z Animals This is a great animal site where there are games, charts and lots of information on animals and their adaptations.
Missouri Botanical Gardens will help us understand the plants, animals and climate that characterize each biome of the world.

Grade 3

Simple Machines:

Simple Machines interactive activity from Harcourt Brace
This page has lots of pictures of items that are simple machines with answers/illustrations at the bottom of the page
Edheads Simple Machines Activities - Learn about simple and compund machines as you explore the house and the tool shed

The Great Plant Escape: Case #1 . . . unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life.
The Great Plant Escape: Case #2 . . . all about soil.
The Great Plant Escape: Case #3 . . . all about seeds.
The Great Plant Escape: Case #4 . . . all about flowers.
The Water Cycle:

Water from the HyperMedia Textbook on Science
Droplet and the Water Cycle activity from NASA
Thirstin's Water Cycle Click on AUTO to see the water cycle
Thirstin's Water Cycle Activities Be sure to check out the Games and Activities link in the left sidebar
Follow the directions in this interactive water cycle to learn about the water cycle

ReviseWise Science Has an activity, a fact sheet, and a test. Covers the basics of what is sound, how it travels, louder and softer, and pitch
This website allows you to learn about how sound works and makes you use sound waves to guide yourself through a maze. The first two sections are good, the third shows ultrasound and may be a little beyond third graders.
Physics of Sound from Foss. Here you will learn how sound is made and how sound travels through different materials. In the activites section, have fun comparing how sound travels in air and water. 
Changing Sounds from BBC.
Other Science Links:

The Foss website has activities to go with all its science modules
Discovey Kids Ants, roller-coasters, and mummies can all be found at this site.
The Insects Home Page...Learn about every creepy crawly imaginable!!
Weatherbug is great resource to enhance your curriculums.

Grade 2

Animal Links:

Have a question about butterflies? Journey North: Monarch Butterfly has the answer!
Here's an activity to do to show a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis
Let's learn about insects     
Enchanted Learning has dozens of links with animal facts as well as other subjects
Here are the Enchanted Learning pages on rainforest animals       
Here's information on the Iditarod Race to go along with the story of Balto.

The Foss website has activities to go with all its science modules.
Here is a site where you can access the weather from around the world with a 2 week prediction and the 7 days in the past.

Grade 1

The Foss website has activities to go with all its science modules
Fish and Kids is a website where we can learn about saving our oceans
Honolulu C.C. Dinosaur Exhibit.....Cool Dino Stuff.
Video on chicks hatching.