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Tuition 2014-2015

Full-day Kindergarten   Read about the Kindergarten Program

Pre-K Tuition   Read about the Pre-K Program

Tuition 2013-2014

Instrumental Music / Advanced Band Fee: Grades 5 and 6

$200 per student

Instrumental Music / Beginner Band Fee: Grade 4
4th grade - Fee due January 1, 2014: $100

Bus Fee 
$180 per student living within 2 miles from his/her school

School Age Child Care (SACC)   Read about the SACC Program

Before School Program
$8.00 for the first child (most frequent user)
$7.00 for siblings

After School Program
$18.50 for the first child (most frequent user)
         $19.25 with optional snack fee
$16.50 for siblings
         $17.25 with optional snack fee

Vacation Weeks

**There is a family cap on the fees for Pre-K, Kindergarten, Bus and Band of (2) Fees per family.

MCC: Tuition Management System
If you will be using any of these tuition-based services (excluding lunch), you have the option of using the MCC On-line Payment System.
By doing this you will receive email reminders to make payments.

All families have the option to mail in payment (payable to: the Town of Norfolk) to the following address:

Norfolk Public Schools Administrative Office

70 Boardman Street
Norfolk, MA 02056
Attn: Donna Chisholm